Bmania.no is run by a couple of Norwegian movie-fans who feel the urge to preach the public about the fine arts within b-movies.

Horror, exploitation, cult, sleaze, Shot-on-video, cannibal, giallo, action, euro-crime, blaxploitation, bruceploitation, martial arts, spaghetti western, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, war, fantasy and mockbusters are just some of the genres we will be preaching.

And if we write retarded, it’s because we’re usually drunk and because we go by the rule that quantity is better than quality…just like most of these movies!

Henrik B-
Enjoyes beer and b-Movies. He’s often under the influence and is more or less dyslectic

Martin Hauge
Almighty human b-movie encyclopedia

Magnus Raae Hermansen
Makes this site work and look pretty