Review: The Wife Killer (1976)

Heavy smoking, big ties, Greek dancing and brutal sex murders! That should sum it up!


Director: Dacosta Carayan
Stars: Larry Daniels, Vagelis Seilimos, Dorothy Moore
Distributor: Mondo Macabro
Runtime: 87 mins

“It will be over in a few days, than we will be rich…and free.”

A notorious playboy, Captain Jim (!), is planning to kill his rich wife and run away with his young mistress. The plan is to use a serial killer responsible for serious sex crimes to kill the wife, so the blame fall on him. But things does not go as planned.

A sleazy piece of cozy Greek exploitation. As in “The Tango of Perversion” it’s bad, but with a high value of great exploitation entertainment. The plot reminded me of Italian thriller’s from the same period, but with a more intricat and complex story.
Worth a watch on your Greek evening (instead of “Zorba”), together with a huge bottle of Ouzo and a pan of moussaka.

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