Review: Nurse Sherri (1978)

Would love to get in to a hospital with these nurses, especially when they’re in the pre-possession state.


Director: Al Adamson
Stars: Jill Jacobson, Geoffrey Land, Marilyn Joi
Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome
Runtime: 88 mins

“Take my hand, come with me, Sherri. I’ll introduce you to the bliss that lies beyond the borders of hell.”

Nurse Sherri gets possessed by a crazed preacher before he dies in her hospital. She will carry out his murders on his enemies after his death. Two other nurses and a drunken, earlier member of his sect try their best two stop the demonic killings and exorcise the forces of evil.

This was a big yawn. Hoped at least to have some good old exploitation T&A, but was sadly dissappointed. The cover promised too much. Bad acting, stupid plot and a cheap production. B-movie it is. Vinegar Syndrome have done another great release, with awesome extras. Love them! But there’s better “nurse-movies” out there! And by God, I’ll watch them too…