Review: The Muthers (1976)

Blaxploitation girl pirates with kung-fu skills in a slave prison in the Philippines. It reeks of b-movie cheapness a long way!


Director: Cirio H. Santiago
Stars: Jeannie Bell, Rosanne Katon, Trina Parks
Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome
Runtime: 83 mins

“-What are you two black beauties doing in a place like this?
-We’re pirates!”

A couple of black female pirates gets amnesty if they help the government to go undercover as prisoners in a prison camp run by a vicious creep suspected to be dealing with white slavery. At the same time trying to rescue one of their own pirates from the same camp.

Cheap from start to finnish. There’s really not much quality in any apartment. You get the feeling of having seing this flick before, in a better version. Miss Jeannie Bell has all the qualifications (perhaps not the martial arts skills) to be a true b-movie star, but unfortunately that doesn’t help in the clutches of crazy productive b-movie director, Santiago.