Review: The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974)

Inbetween George Romero’s two zombie masterpieces, you had this gory thrill.

“THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE” (No profanar el sueƱo de los muertos)

Director: Jorge Grau
Stars: Ray Lovelock, Christine Galbo, Arthur Kennedy
Distributor: Blue Underground
Runtime: 93 mins

“They transmit life to each other through the blood of the living.”

Two travelling companions comes across a village where a new agricultural device has turned the dead into zombies.

This is stated as “one of the best zombie films ever made”, and yes, I have to agree. I’ve wanted to check out this flick for a couple of years now, and finally got to it. A simple story with a couple of plotholes doesn’t spoil the experience. This is a zombie-splatter from a time they didn’t do those kind of movies, and I’ll have to say it’s up there with “Dawn of the Dead” and “Zombie Flesheaters”. A bloody fun time, in a bloody fun English, done by a bloody fun Spanish director with an amazing and bloody fun cast. Highly recommended!