Review: The Hearse (1980)

Ghostly cars, devil worshiping and dead witch-aunts. It’s good Trish Van Devere also did “The Changeling” the same year…


Director: George Bowers
Stars: Trish Van Devere, Joseph Cotten, David Gautreaux
Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome
Runtime: 99 mins

“Thanks, but I think I want to spend the summmer in the old family house.”

Jane takes over the old family house thirty years after her aunt died in a freak accident. But somehow the villagers are hostile to her. She finds out more of her aunt’s association with a devilish man. At the same time she’s getting approached by a charming guy…and a mysterious hearse.

Loads of weird characters and good atmosphere, but unfortunately it didn’t help. The story is not top notch, even though the idea is ok. It’s full of flaws and takes some very easy turns along the way. It’s also pretty evident that George Bowers is better known as an editor than a director. When that’s said, there’s also some horror-fun for a b-movie/horror addict!