JWD: Splatter University (1984)

I was actually unaware that this was a TROMA film when i put it on.

It’s a very nihilstic film, which made me think of the facebook and Instagram age we live in today, though in this movie It’s all about getting through the day time classes so they Can drink Bud and smoke weed_they dont’ care to much when their friends or girlfriends get’s killed off or go missing. It’s a simple but likable slasher, with cool minimalistic synt music and cool killings and nostalgia. I got really horny for the redhead girl with the high hair and freckles. The main girl, the teacher, did a good acting Job, and she was kinda hot, whould like to squeeze the butt. Am finishing of the last beer and listening to my favorit album from Cluster Buster (Midnight Maimer), Norway’s own NewRetroWave/Darkwave/TerrorSynt artist! TROMA-movies of the future.