JWD: Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1986)

Finaly seen it and shit! Got completly slashed by the simpel and moody soundtrack and as always; the American 80’s nostalgia (you know the deal).

Story is not the best, plot is sort of nhhha and the killings are ok, they work, but not great. Sort of like my reviews you know, get the picture? But It’s oh so worth a watch or two for 80’s slasher-fans! Pretty cool steriotypes and i loved the old nice black dude. Now im gonna wash back the rest of my last beer (whish i had five more) and listening to the ‘Halloween Strangers’-album by VHS GLITCH. Before the movie, i was listening to the latest album by Dance With Dead (Loved To Death)… HEY, It’s October!