JWD: Don’t Breathe (2016)

A new-ish flick by the team behind the good old EVIL DEAD (Same team from Drag Me To Hell??).

It was quite original, though i did come to think of two classics, which was; ‘The People Under The Stairs’ and even ‘The Predator’. And the Detroit erea was very cool, since im a lover of the Juggalo music life style! Love the music!! Whoop Whoop!! Flick even reminded me of, well cant’ remember, i hate that so fucking bad, i have no short time rememberance. It’s a creepy movie and well made. Im out of beer and actually listening to an old favorit album of mine; ‘Skull And Shark (2013) from Lazerhawk! Havent’ listened to it in a couple of few years. Martin, take a listen old buddy. It’s one of the best ‘Dark wave albums’ and shit!