Review: The Church (1989)

The Argento-produced “Demons 3” is one of Italy’s best horror-movies of the 80’s.

“THE CHURCH” (La Chiesa)

Director: Michele Soavi
Stars: Asia Argento, Tomas Arana, Barbara Cupisti
Distributor: Shameless
Runtime: 102 mins

“Bless this place and build a church upon it.”

Ancient evil is buried and locked down inside an old church. A series of events inside the church, will open a pathway for the demons. And total destruction will soon come upon the church-goers and priests.

I like Michele Soavi. In a period of decline in the Italian film-industry, especially the horror-movies, Soavi was the saviour. Even though some of the acting/deliverance of lines/dubbing is below par, the rest is fuckin’ awesome! It’s got a good atmosphere and tension, it’s stylish and very well made and the awesome effects and music (especially the ones by Philip Glass) makes this a joy to watch! Recommended!