Review: Snake Dancer (1976)

Those times you just HAVE to put on a South African 70’s feature about stripping with snakes, this flick is probably your best choice, or at least on your top 10-list.

South Africa

Director: Dirk de Villiess
Stars: Glenda Kemp, Peter Elliot, Wilson Dunster
Distributor: Mondo Macabro
Runtime: 87 mins

“Little girls shouldn’t play with snakes!”

Glenda Kemp plays herself in a fictional story about herself. The story of a young girl who skip her job as a sunday school teacher and becomes one of South Africa’s most daring spectacles in the 70’s. She becomes a stripper/exotic dancer which included weird nude dances with snakes, and the majority didn’t necessarily appreciate it.

I’ve just watched a totally white African drama about a stripper. The story is pretty standard and a bit dull. Glenda is playing Glenda with bravour. The most interesting parts in the movie is the exploitative nude-dance scenes. But they’re really something. This girl knows her moves (even with snakes and swords).