Review: Sleepwalker (1984)

A short twisted story from the bleak countryside of England.


Director: Saxon Logan
Stars: Heather Page, Bill Douglas, Nickolas Grace
Distributor: BFI
Runtime: 50 mins

“Just a bad dream, Marion. Just a bad dream.”

An awkward gathering takes place at siblings Marion and Alex’ place in a little village. A rich and snotty couple (Richard & Angela) visits. Because of a storm they get out for dinner, and land too much alcohol. Back in the house the night turns into a sleepwalking, murderous nightmare!

Certainly a little oddity from the dungeons of British hidden away horror. It’s a well played and weird story of politics, satire, bad human behaviour, sex and murder. Put together with a touch of Argento’ish style and bravour. Well worth a watch!

No trailer, or clip unfortunately. Buy the damn thing from BFI Flipside!