Review: Night of The Scorpion (1972)

If there ever was a dark and depressive Giallo, this has to be it!

“NIGHT OF THE SCORPION” (La casa de las muertas vivientes )

Director: Alfonso Balcázar
Stars: José Antonio Amor, Daniela Giordano, Nuria Torray
Distributor: Dorado Films
Runtime: 91 mins

“You may have changed in some ways Oliver, but deep down, you are still the same person.”

A year after his wife’s death, Oliver is back in the big family mansion with another young wife. But he’s still haunted by the death, that he blames himself for. The darkness of the house and family is also present in his sister, stepmother and the personel. The underlying hostility towards his new wife will grow deeper in her mind as well.

This has to be the most depressive Giallo I’ve ever watched. The atmosphere is more heavy than the complete collection of Iron Maiden. The “whodunnit”-mystery isn’t relying on the least obvious person this time, rather the opposite. But, hell, it’s Spanish! And as always, ladies and fucked up gentlemen, I’m glad to own it and to have seen it!