JWD: Lionheart (1990)

Just revisited this much loved Van Damme-classic that i havent’ seen since the mid 90’s when i was in grade school. I loved it then and i loved it now.

Classic story; Van Damme’s character learn about the horrific murder on his pusher-Brother, while doing hard time military stuff in North Africa and has do break free to aid his Sister-in-law (beautiful redhead) and his little niece from poverty. Only way he knows to Survive is fighting he and gets a steriotypical black brother and street-Surviver as his sidekick/mentor and manager. ‘Joshua’, is his name and a great strong character with charisma, gritt and warmt. So does Van Damme, he’s cool and underated, everybody likes him, he’s just a stiff actor and a little funny. A very brutal and (Lion) hartwarming movie. HEY, It’s a very cool movie and OH, the nostalgia! Was listening to Dance With The Dead’s newest fresh album while writing this review; ‘LOVED TO DEATH’. check it out!! And this movie!