Review: Violent Professionals (1973)

Don’t you just love those Italian 70’s cops who take the law in their own hands? Well, I do!

“VIOLENT PROFESSIONALS” (Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustizia)

Director: Sergio Martino
Stars: Luc Merenda, Richard Conte, Silvano Tranquilli
Distributor: Code Red
Runtime: 101 mins

“You shot those men out of vengeance, not out of a sense of duty.”

After his friend and boss is killed, rough cop Giorgio takes the law in his own hands. He infiltrates a crime syndicate to get closer to whomever did the murder. And he’s avengeful.

Sergio Martino did so many good Gialli in the early 70’s. This euro-crime is also a fine installment in the genre. Luc Merenda is definitely the right guy for the role, and he’s tough as nails. The J&B is flowing, the women are mostly whores and the car chases are long. Buckle your belt for a high octane violent ride around Milan.