Review: Savage Three (1975)

Another cynical bunch of hellraisers in a socially corrupt Italy in the 70’s.

“SAVAGE THREE” (Fango Bollente)

Director: Vittorio Salerno
Stars: Joe Dallesandro, Martine Brochard, Enrico Maria Salerno
Distributor: Camera Obscura
Runtime: 84 mins

“Holy Moly. He killed himself!”

Three friends at a big datacenter is bored an unhappy in a socially and moral corrupt Italy. They use their spare time to raise hell in all ways, ending in violence and murder. The old police commisioner, Santaga is the only one that reads the destructive urge in these violent attacks, and gets on the case.

A good looking and provocative Poliziotteschi accompanied by a cool and pounding soundtrack. I like the casting, and the excellent dynamic played out by the commissioner and Joe Dallesandro’s character. It’s got it’s weakness, but all in all a fine euro-crime!