Review: Gang War in Milan (1973)

One hell of a powerful mob flick by Umberto Lenzi!

“GANG WAR IN MILAN” (Milano Rovente)

Director: Umberto Lenzi
Stars: Antonio Sabato, Philippe Leroy, Antonio Casagrande
Distributor: Raro Video
Runtime: 100 mins

“You want to use my girls to peddle your drugs. Is that it, Frenchy?”

Toto runs his prostitution racket fine in Milan, but a French drug-mob wants to join forces, and also have the biggest piece of the cake. When Toto disagrees, the Frenchman use violence and the gang war begin.

This has to be one of the best Lenzi-movies out there. It’s powerful and well directed with a tight script and cool music. Antonio Sabato and Philippe Leroy who plays the oppositing bosses, does so perfectly! Watch this great “Poliziotteschi”, it’s definitely worth your time!