JWD: Kickboxer (1989)

A classic!

I remember to have seen parts of it on tv in my teenage years, but not the whole deal, not before now. And the eternal question; which one’s the best, ‘Bloodsport’ or ‘Kickboxer’? Van Damme is my dude, he’s YOUR dude, he is our dude!! The classic story; Van Damme is seeking revenge for his older Brother who ended up paralysed in an unfair brutal fight with the muay thai beast; Tong Po and seeking brutal training ade from the master, Xian Chow and (of course) falling deeply in love with his sensai’s niese, which of course leads to more trouble. Van Damme also has (of course), a black steriotypical (nam-vet) sidekick at his aid… Lucky him! I mean that, a truely good dude! A great Van Damme flick and a classic! Philosophical, reflective spiritual, and has a GREAT nostalgic soundtrack that im listening to right now on Spotify. Dude…NEVER SURENDER!!