JWD: Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues (1985)

This is by the way, the sequal to one of my favorit b-movies. It’s rumored that director Charles B. Pierce, decided to make an offical sequal to his cult-classic; ‘Legend Of Boggy Creek’ (1972), becouse somebody else made an unoffical Boggy Creek sequal in the late 70’s (a Kids movie, and yes, i’ve seen it {on youtube}).

And what do i think about this ‘Boggy woogie’ ?? Acording to other reviews, It’s said to lack the reflectivness and atmosphere of the original, and i guess they are kind of right in the sense that this is not a docudrama like the original. But you still have Pierce’s reflective story-telling style and you get to actually see the Southern bigfoot(s) alot, which is cool, and it is said that he tends to be more aggressive towards humans, then his North American cousin! The main character is played by Pierce himself, and he must be said to be the best actor in the movie as well. Was listening to the Texas band, Ghoultown, while writing this reviews.