Review: Lurking Fear (1994)

I guess H.P. Lovecraft would turn around in his grave after this movie…


Director: C. Cortney Joyner
Stars: John Finch, Blake Bailey, Ashley Lauren
Distributor: 88 Films
Runtime: 76 mins.

“Don’t panic and you’ll be fine!”

After John has been released from prison, he’s destined to find a body stuffed with money on a cemetery in Leffert’s Corner. As faith will have it, there’s a bunch of criminals, a priest, a couple of sisters and a crazy chainsmoking doctor with different reasons to be at the cemetery. Underneath lurks a family of degenerate cannibalistic freaks.

I know there’s fans of Full Moon out there (Henrik?), but this production don’t do it for me. The monsters looks good, and Ashley Lauren is always a treat to the eye, but that’s about it. The atmosphere, directing, acting, script, lightning, music, pacing, cinematography etc. is just awful! Sadly there’s little b-movie charm about the flick.