Review: Lovers Beyond Time (1990)

When you use a time machine to bring you’re ex to an orgasm…THAT kinda movie!

“LOVERS BEYOND TIME” (Erastes sti mihani tou hronou)

Director: Dimitris Panayiotatos
Stars: Benoit Roussel, Christine Skaza, Takis Moschos
Distributor: Mondo Macabro
Runtime: 80 mins

“Doctor, can some great love affair gone wrong produce physical symptoms of ill health?”

Sylvia and Angelos intense relationship ends with her leaving him. Three years after Angelos death, Sylvia lives with another man, a doctor who claims he just met Angelo. Sylvia starts to experience sudden orgasms that reminds her of her dead boyfriend. Something supernatural is going on.

Wow! This was a great erotic piece of Greek cinema. It’s a bit Sci-fi and a bit horror. But most of all the mystery, along with the music, and cinematography gives it the perfect dreamish atmosphere. The lead isn’t that bad looking either. A great and different movie!