JWD: The Shark Hunter (1979)

Suprisingly fun shark flick, directed by Italian action-boss; Enzo G. Castelari and staring #1 Italian badass actor (of all the badasses ), Franco Nero!!

Jaw-dropping dubbing (but with Nero’s original voice), the steriotypical (never stopping) talking sidekick that you learn to love, another fantastic Long haired wig, worn by Nero and his much younger brown lovley Island-mistress (you know the deal..). Suitable score by the Di Angelis brothers and sort of a more crime-flick, then an actual shark-movie, well both. It worked, watched this summer (but dont’ forget to chill YO’ beers!! Was listening to the newest album by Timecop 1983, while writing this ‘review’. It’s fantastic, please listen to it!