Review: Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die! (1968)

And this might be “The magnificent five”?

“TODAY WE KILL, TOMORROW WE DIE!” (Oggi a me…Domani a te!)

Director: Tonino Cervi
Stars: Brett Halsey, William Berger, Bud Spencer
Distributor: Another World
Runtime: 91 mins.

“I don’t have any feelings…except hate!”

Bill Kiowa has just been released from prison, where he spent the last five years. It’s now time for his revenge. He gathers a troup of four hired guns to take down the evil villain, Elfego, who framed him and killed his wife.

A fine little western by Dario Argento and Tonino Cervi. It’s a plain story with little surprises. There’s a good bunch of gunslingers, but the characters should’ve been way better developed. You won’t get bored along the horsetrail, and it’s a good timewaster together with a couple of beer.