Review: Deathgasm (2015)

If you like splatter movies, death metal, tits and nerdy humour this is one hell of a film (luckily I do…)!

New Zealand

Director: Jason Lei Howden
Stars: Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman
Distributor: Tiberius Films
Runtime: 86 mins

“This is my dickhead cousin, he has hospitalized more nerds than asthma.”

Two young outcasts (and their role-playing friends) with a fondness for death metal gets attached and starts a metal band. They find a song hidden in a rare record, and starts rehearsing, just to find out it summons the demons all around, and makes the whole neighbourhood puke blood and getting aggressive.

I laughed so hard my girlfriend came over to my b-movie couch to hang around. When she saw blood puking and penis decapitations by chain-saws on the big screen she just left, shaking her head. This was one hilarious time! It’s a good and fun blood-soaked adventure from start till the end. The director took a break from his job as visual effects-guy from movies like “Wolverine”, “Hobbit” and “Avengers” to make this gory comedy! A freakin’ masterpiece in it’s own sub-genre!