JWD: Deep Blood (1990)

Some more Italian shark-junk, you game??, co-directed by Joe D’amato and shit!

Apparently an Italian staff, and with an american acting crew.. most with that lovley Southern accsent, this time. Stupid story and exploitatin of the native american intelect. Though the acting in It’s self wasnt’ that bad for most parts and some parts of the story even brough a few tears to my eye.. Just a few, you know the deal! The chesse factor is high as a hippie though and is there any life in Martin Hauge and will he start cleaning up my errors any time soon, i even have a couple of beers left, but i should really hit the sack…not the wave. A d last but, UH, least, what i was trying to say; the shark-scenes wasnt’ all that impressive.