Review: Django (1966)

Maybe the most famous Spaghetti-Western after Sergio Leone’s. Spawned 30-40 more or less related Django follow-ups.


Director: Sergio Corbucci
Stars: Franco Nero, Loredana Nusciak, Eduardo Fajardo
Distributor: Argent Films
Runtime: 90 mins

“This whip will teach you a lesson!”

Django, a coffin-dragging gunslinger arrives at a very dirty half-deserted little town, after saving a prostitute from a horde of racists and murderous Mexicans. Django goes to war against the rivalery parties, with an option to get a pile of gold along the way.

This cruel and violent piece of Italian cinema (best watched with the Italian audio because of the bad English dubbing) is one of the better westerns out there. It’s a highly entertaining movie, far more brutal than any other movie from that era. The crooks are bastards, the women are whores (nice ones though) and everybody is greedy and avengeful. The soundtrack is awesome and the casting is perfect. Franco Nero suddenly became an international star, after this movie. While there’s over 30 “Django”-movies, this is the best by far. A must-watch!