Review: The Killer Must Kill Again (1975)

Is it really a Giallo when you get to know the killer in the first scene?

“THE KILLER MUST KILL AGAIN” (L’assassino รจ costretto ad uccidere ancora)

Director: Luigi Cozzi
Stars: George Hilton, Antoine Saint-John, Femi Benussi
Distributor: Mondo Macabro
Runtime: 90 mins

“Remember: No blood! It’s got to look like she was kidnapped!”

A man witness a killer dumping a body, and he blackmails the killer to murder his filthy rich wife. He does so and put the body in his car, while cleaning up the murder scene. The car with the dead body is stolen by a couple of joyriders and the story takes a new direction…

Luigi Cozzis directional feature movie debut is a good one (he did one in 1969, as an amateur, but this is his first one with a budget). A very good first half, but unfortunately it’s dragging a bit in the middle, and you get the feeling that it just has to fill in the time. Even though: It’s a cool plot, and a fantastic casting of Antoine Saint-John as the killer, he’s f**king scary. It’s definitely a Giallo worth watching!