Review: Gone With the Pope (1976)

If there ever was bad acting…


Director: Duke Mitchell
Stars: Duke Mitchell, Lorenzo Dardado, Jim LoBianco
Distributor: Grindhouse Releasing
Runtime: 82 mins

“…And so God created Man, and he fucked the whole thing up!”

Paul(Mitchell) is released from jail, kills some gangsters, and then takes a boat trip with some friends from California to Rome to kidnap the Pope and hold the world hostage: Every Catholic pays 1 dollar for ransom.

Hahaha! This is American grindhouse trash as good as it gets, and I mean that in a bad b-movie way. The plot is just ridiculous , the acting is so bad it’s almost hurtful to watch, and some of the scenes and lines are so over the top offensive it leaves you gaping throughout the movie. There’s a random scene where they prank a really fat woman, getting her undressed and toying around in a bed. The point? Don’t know! But that’s just Duke Mitchell I guess…

The effort Grindhouse Releasing has done, restoring this piece of cinema is nothing more than impressing. While the movie should’ve been finnish in 1976, the funding was not there for Duke. He died before it was finnish, but together with family, friends and the ironwill of Grindhouse Releasing it finally hit the cinemas in 2010. This release is also impressive and contains loads of great extras. Two thumbs up!