Review: Cut and Run (1985)

To see John Steiner getting ripped in half is worth the whole movie!

“CUT AND RUN” (Inferno in diretta)

Director: Ruggero Deodato
Stars: Lisa Blount, Leonard Mann, Willie Aames
Distributor: Code Red
Runtime: 89 mins

“I’m a reporter. I can’t afford to be squemish.”

An American newsreporter and her cameraman travels to the deep Amazon jungle to find their boss’ lost son, and to follow a lead on a drug cartel. But there’s also a crazy murderous sectleader and his gang roaming the riverbank. That’s right: Fun for the whole family!

This was an action-filled mid 80’s exploitation from the man behind “Cannibal Holocaust”! Much better than feared. Not the best script, but a cool idea (allegedely by Wes Craven). I love the cast. Lots of familiar b-movie and horror faces. This release is the completely uncut version, containing all the nasty gore we learned to love. Even though it hasn’t the same impact as “Cannibal Holocaust” or “The House on the Edge of the Park”, it’s still good Italian B-entertainment.

Lots of great interviews by cast and director makes this a fun watch by Code Red.