JWD: The Martian Land (2015)

An Asylum mockbuster of ‘The Martian’!

In a distant future, earth, is almost completely dead and humans has fleed to Mars and are living in cities and parks under giant domes.

A disater in the form of a devistaiting storm, that resembles the final giant- storm, that has almost destroyed the whole Earth, is now threatening humanity on Mars with total extinction. And Guess what!! Only one man can save humanity! I dont’ know why i keep watching Asylum flix…some of them are fun, but a whole lot of them are just jaw-dropping bad. I tend to sort of like the sci-fi movies they keep putting out, like this one. ‘The Martian Land’ is an ok turd-fest in my book_with those charming CGI effects, done in the Asylum tradition. And im amused by the simplisity; like futuristic space-suits, were the helmets are freaking welders masks. Atmospheric scenery i must say and a big bonus for us b-movie geeks is; Caroline Williams has a (very) small part (were she is speaking with a well done and heavy Russian acsent.) …That’s right; ‘Stretch’!! And she still looks stunning! Some of the relations between the characters as well touched a little on the inside, while some other characters was rather anoying. Anoying, lame and awkward kinda sums up the quality Asylum has to offer in their flix. Sort of like my own reviews..?