JWD: Killer Workout (1987)

Loved it from the start; the killer 80’s music, scenery, the ligthing, the hair and all the aerobic babes spreading legs and the giallo-ish upbuilding.

It turned out to be a fucking asskicker! It is an an erobic studio, where clients are getting killed off and shit-what more is there to say really??. Enjoy some beers, listen to some David Hasselhoff after the movie and take in all the 80’s-ness. You know what’s sick?? ‘The Wraith’, with an obviously higher budget, is even cheesier then this flick…and that’s just a crime. Im just gonna’ send in this shit-head review straight to my dear friend; Martin_ that i havent’ seen in fucking years, and im still afraid of our friendship, just because iv’ always been more of a right-wing and he is a lefty. And NO, Martin, im not a bisexual, but im eccentric, not that it matters-i recond we both respect and like gays and welcome them with open arms to our beer soaked b-movie cult! I love titts and ass and hairy pussy just as much as you my dear friend, that i miss so much-i miss our beer-soaked nights together. Im home alone a few night in August, let’s make a video again! But anyway, What a ridculous piece of badassery!!