Review: Fugitive Girls (1974)

That crucial moment when you noticed that Ed Wood is both the co-writer and an actor in the movie…


Director: Stephen C. Apostolof
Stars: Jabie Abercrombe, Rene Bond, Tallie Cochrane
Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome
Runtime: 96 mins

“Men, men, men. What a hell hole this place is without men.”

Simple as hell plot: Five women is locked away in a remote minimum security prison for women. They manage to escape, and has to face the danger of a bad tripping hippie community, bikers, the police and Ed Wood jr. “Can you dig it”?

Here’s the perfect sexploitation/WIP-movie. The plot is the same as shitloads of b-movies from the seventies. The execution is poor, cheap and very “grindhouse”. The movie is sparkled with loads of nudity and awkward situations. It’s crappy and cheezy as hell, but works fine with a beer, a sense of humour and patience!