JWD: Ironmaster (1983)


Probably the most awkward Italian Conan (& ‘Quest For Fire) ripp-off. Legendary badass director, Umberto Lenzi (R.I.P), made a few slippery shitfests as well douring his career and this is certainly one of them…’Nightmare Beach’ also comes to mind!

This is actually the third time i watch this movie and it is an awkward brain-torture. On the casting-list are names that are well known for fans of italian b-movies of the 70’s and 80’s; George Eastman, William Berger, the stunningly hot Elvire Audray, who died in 2000-she was only 40, and Sam Pasco as the Conan-ish, ‘Ela’-this is his only role in a motion pictures, except for a series of gay adult films.

Despite all the awkward crap; this is actually a fun movie and i just happen to love barbarian b-movies from the 80’s. Some moods and locations are cool, but pretty much all the cast seems extreamly out of place, while trying way to hard to not make this flick become any stupider.