Review: Haunted (2017)

Another saturday evening spent with female neurosis, this time on the big screen.

“HAUNTED” (Hjemsøkt)

Director: Carl Christian Raabe
Stars: Synnøve Macody Lund, Ebba Steenstrup Såheim, Ken Vedsegaard
Distributor: AWE
Runtime: 82 mins

“I’m not Marie!”

After her father’s death, Cathrine has to sell an old family estate. While back in the old house, something (or someone) goes bump in the night, and a little girl starts popping up at all times. At the same time suppressed memories comes back. Will she survive mentally and physically before the past gets the best of her?

This was not a bad haunted house movie, even though the haunting is mostly on a mental level. Macody Lund is a great casting in the role, and makes the most of it. Good, but lacks a little “flare”. Not too original, but I dare to recommend it to fans of supernatural thrillers with psychological depth.