Review: A Special Cop in Action (1976)

How can you NOT like a “special cop” always dressed as if he’s going to an awesome cocktail party!?

“SPECIAL COP IN ACTION” (Italia a mano armata)

Director: Franco Martinelli
Stars: Maurizio Merli, Raymond Pellegrin, John Saxon
Distributor: Dorado Films
Runtime: 101 mins

“All cars in sector 4: Locate and tail a dark blue Fiat, four door Sedan carrying four men, and a girl with red hair.”

A bunch of crooked thiefs hijacks a schoolbus and take the kids as hostages. Meanwhile the criminal gang attempts to rob the banks nearby in a violent fashion. But the smooth-looking, high-fashion cop, Betti, will not take any hostages. Violence is his middle name. And he bullies his way to the top for a big showdown with the boss in the crime gang!

A high-octan Italian action. There’s some cool car-chases and brutal fighting scenes, but the pace and violence isn’t as good as the Umberto Lenzi actions, and leave this slightly mediocre. But the smooth-looking and ass-kicking Maurizio Merli is as always a good reason to watch these 70’s Euro-Crimes!