Review: Black Emanuelle (1975)

Black Emanuelle? She’s not even black. Laura Gemser is 50% Indonesian, 50% Dutch and 100% hot!

“BLACK EMANUELLE” (Emanuelle Nera)

Director: Bitto Albertini
Stars: Laura Gemser, Karin Schubert, Angelo Infanti
Distributor: Studio Canal
Runtime: 92 mins

“You would be glad to die between the legs of a beautiful girl.”

The liberated young photographer, Emanuelle travels to Nairobi on a job for a magazine. She teams up with a novelist and join her group of playboys, tribesmen and other upper class friends. Her assignement turns into an adventure of sexual awakening…

The Italians just couldn’t leave the French franchise of “Emmanuelle” in peace, now could they? As this is a mild exploitation compared to the other movies it spawned with Laura Gemser, it’s still pretty daring. The moral of the story is that the woman can only be free when she belongs to no one. And it’s important that sex with whomever = freedom. And in this sleazy flick she sure does: Men, female, whole tribes and a horny hockey team. Where? All over the place! Not to boring, but also not my cup of tea. Some fine scenery, some fine erotic scenes and some groovy 70’s music. Gemser is also one hell of a eye-catcher…