JWD: The Turnpike Killer (2009)

All those cool oneliners i’v forgotten about…stoned on the beer yet again- listening to Occams Laser.

Another flick from Wildeye-Releasing. A humor less low-budget horror movie about a deranged and heavily build young man who’s a serial killer… he’s totaly out of it bro’! I though i was all about these raping and killing women-flix, but these few movies that i’ve seen lately has been very questionable. I do enjoy them, but i’v felt very bad for the ladies. This flick has a gritty picture quality to it and any minuet now im out of mother fucking beer! But what’s, cool is that the killers buddy, a landlord for a couple of hot chicks (and an over all very ok gye) has a bitch ass-cool taste in metal. He’s got pictures on the wall, posters, flyers and even a hoodie of 80’s black metal bands like; Venom, Bathory, Merciful Fate, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and even fucking Nifelheim from sweden and shit. Yeah, it’s a cool micro-budget movie and i loved the primitive synt music and shit! Im fucking down bitch. Sorry dude, see ya later! And remember; feed your good wolf, show some love!