JWD: The Norseman (1978)

There.. just put on the ‘FROST’ album; it’s the first time i ever play Enslaved on spotify and why the fuck isnt’ the ‘Hordanes Land’-ep on there?? Just popped another can of beer..cheers all norsmen and all honorable warriors (in general) world wide! FUCK…UGH!!

It’s quite flattering that a director im a fan of, made a viking movie about my ansestors discovering vinland (America). And Pierce is as always a great story teller; using his own voice as a story telling device to get that certain ‘feel’ and atmosphere as he usually does/did. The locations looked very much like the mans own native home; the Arkansas swamps, so i of course made up my own story here; that the Fouke Monsters was hiding and watching in the murky shadows of the swamp. The weapons, the sheilds, the two-horned helmets and even the dragon-ships is oh so not autentic. But i couldnt’ give a rat’s ass you know. I enjoyed this movie like fuck, i dont’ give to much fucks about shit like that, at least not when it’s made with respect and dignity and love towards the movie making. I respect this southern gentleman’s effort to make his own viking-movie. It’s seriously made and how they prais Odin, made me raise my own glass of beer in a proud heathern salute. Now, when it comes to white actors playing the indians, that was just awkward and involuntary funny. Not in a mockery sense towards the natives of course, and despite the cheesiness it did fit in with the story.

…And how about a young blond viking boy with a thick southern accent…any one??

(A Charles B. Pierce movie, director of ‘The Legend Of Boggy Creek’ and The Town That Dreaded Sundown’).