Review: Turkey Shoot (1982)

A head-exploding, toe-eating, machete-swinging social commentary from “down under”!


Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Stars: Steve Railsback, Olivia Hussey, Michael Craig
Distributor: Severin
Runtime: 93 mins

“Freedom is obedience. Obedience is work. Work is life.”

It takes place in the near future. After the riot is defeated, the new regime operates with violent work camps for their political refugees. This story takes place in Thatcher’s brutal work camp, where we follow the newly arrived prisoners. Every once in a while, when they get tired of torturing the prisoners, Thatcher, his friends and wardens set up a “Turkey shoot”. The prisoners is released in the jungle as human prey.

This is so hilarious and entertaining! Fast-paced entertainment filled with huge amounts of action, violence, explotions, crazy characters, tits and gore. Everything settled for a top-notch, beer-soaked evening of b-movie fun. Highly recommended!

The uncut blu-ray is filled with good extras. Documentaries, interviews, audio commentaries and more. The quality of the movie is also pure class. Well done, Severin!