Review: The Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine (1974)

The Italians and the Spanish just love those sinful nuns…me too!

“THE SINFUL NUNS OF ST. VALENTINE” (Le scomunicate di San Valentino)

Director: Sergio Grieco
Stars: Françoise Prévost, Jenny Tamburi, Paolo Malco
Distributor: Redemption
Runtime: 93 mins

“You don’t want the abbess to discover your secrets, do you?”

The Inquisition is upon Europe as a plague. In the St. Valentine convent, a young girl is unhappy being put there by her father. He doesn’t want her to get together with her boyfriend, wrongfully accused for heresy. He manage to escape from the soldiers, seeking refuge in his girlfriends convent. At the same time as the evil abbess and a sweaty inquisitor is looking for some good old torture.

A nice little love drama overrun with shocking scenes, clearly inspired by Ken Russell’s “The Devils”. The Italian’s loves to fill their movies with violence and sex, but it didn’t work to well in this movie. It’s too little, and to non-shocking to make an impact. The only thing left, is the story and the characters (well played btw). And that’s fine, but I like my nunsploitations too be a little bit more sleazy.