Review: Terror in Rome (1976)

And the award for the worst dubbing cast goes to…

“TERROR IN ROME” (I Violenti di Roma bene)

Director: Massimo Felisatti & Sergio Grieco
Stars: Antonio Sabato, Pierre Marfurt, Franca Gonella
Distributor: Trash Palace
Runtime: 88 mins

“He’s not a chicken thief. He’s son of a big shot. A big shot with lots of friends…”

A gang of young brutes terrorize the area around Rome with kidnappings, robbery, drugs, rape and murder. A hard-hitting police-officer gets tired of these rich, bored and violent kids. It’s time for payback!

A nihilistic and violent euro-crime, too bad it’s ruined by a sloppy script, bad editing and the worst dubbing I’ve ever heard. There’s nothing new with the morale either: The people behind the terror are the wealthy. They’re violent and bored. Raising themself above the others, quoting Nietzche along their bloody path. Might get an Italian audio version with subs, to get a fair impression of this flick. A poorly bootlegged DVD-R from an old VHS with Dutch subtitles isn’t the way to watch a movie in 2017.