Review: Temple (2017)

I’m a bit tired of new independent horrors based on American tourists with cameras. This movie DID NOT help!


Director: Michael Barrett
Stars: Logan Huffman, Natalia Warner, Brandon Sklenar
Distributor: Netflix
Runtime: 78 mins


“I have a friend who’s interested in temples. We would like to start with this one.”

A couple and her male friend travels to Japan for her to study temples. They find a drawing of an old secluded temple in a diary in a used books store. They travel with some guidance and shitloads of warnings to the faraway temple, only to face their horrible destiny.

This was a mess. The plot was crappy and whimsical. Didn’t believe the characters nor the story. Do not want to go to any more details, it was a bad movie. A cool scene including kids with holes for eyes and sharp teeth earns this plane crash of a movie one extra “B”. Thank God for the short runtime. Just stay away from this crap!