Review: Latch (2017)

When you’re too big to believe in monsters in the closet, but you still might find them…


Director: Landon Stahmer
Stars: Sarah Bartholomew, Brandon Johnston, Belinda Gosbee
Distributor: Crypt TV/Youtube
Runtime: 3,56 mins


“Show me the light or leave me in the darkness….”

A sister and a brother is playing a little game going in to the big closet. Scaring eachother with something that might just be real.

In such a short movie based on fright and jump scares, you get that and not much more. The story around the characters and surroundings are way to simple and non engaging. The tension and the jump scares is good, and would have worked as a good and scary scene from a horror movie. But that’s what it is: Just a scene!