Review: I Vampiri (1957)

Watching the “first Italian horror” for the first time. A black & white treat!


Director: Riccardo Freda
Stars: Gianna Maria Canale, Carlo D’Angelo, Dario Michaelis
Distributor: Arrow
Runtime: 82 mins

“I became young again, at the cost of human life, just for that man’s love!”

A bunch of dead women turns up around Paris. All of them are blood drained. An investigator and his arch enemy, a reporter is following the leads to a beautiful duchess in her gothic castle.

Finally got to watch the movie regarded to be the first Italian horror. Even though Riccardo Freda is billed as the director, his cinematographer, Mario Bava directed half the movie. That’s apparent. This is a mere beginning for the master of Italian horror. His stylish way of directing is manifesting itself in this flick. The story is also intriguing, but has little to do with vampires.

This dvd is a part of Arrow’s amazing “Black Sunday/Mask of Satan”-release. A fine start for the Italian gothic style of horror which lasted way into the 70’s and 80’s.