JWD: She Devils of the SS (1973)

A fun naziploitation flick with a sligthley more lighter tone to it, not like many of the other ones that would come later douring the 70’s, that was loaded with sleazy sexual violence and pretty much tasteless torture-scenes…still i watch them..

It’s the last days of WW2 and attractive women (very attractive and young women) are voluntteering to go to front and have sex with the brave german soldiers who is fighting there. Though most of the film do not take place at the front and several of the girls also has affairs with german officers and other non-german guys as well. And of course there are girl on girl action! The germans are so jolly by the way that you kinda cheer for them…when they are not acting like dicks and executing people. It does contain sleaze and a few upsetting sceens which made me reflect upon the horrors of war. It also has a few thrilling, entertaining and actionpacked combat scenes_but none of the ugly consentration camp-scenery and the heavy womanizing violence and torture (except for a rape scene). It’s a little milder then the average natziploitation flick-quite like Bruno Mattei’s ‘SS Girls’ (1977) , and it’s a swizz movie, not italian this time. If you are fan of Naziploitation flix or a watcher of these kind of movies i think you should give a spin, i really enjoyed it!