JWD: Of the Dead – Des Mortes (1979)

A Belgian documentary about death, dying and ceremonies from several parts around the world, alot of countries are not included, but still it’s a quite powerful film…UP CLOSE in death!

Listening to the newest Isolated Beings album; ‘Troxin’ and having some beers.┬áIt’s a graphic and serioues documentary about death, dying and ceremonies and the mourners that have lost their loved ones. We get ceremonies and dying people with horrible diseases or injurie, awaiting their their doom. Some of the interviewed that has a little time left, share their thoughts on dying in an intellectual, philosophical and reflective matter. We see the body of an elderly woman decomposing in the dayligh heat in the middle of her burial ceremonie out in the country side of Thailand, an authopsy team in the US showing us their every day work situations, dying people in an American hospice suffering from muscular diseases, and other places as well shuch as; South Korea, France, Nepal, and Mexico. Extremely graphic but no executions, except for a couple of stab-victims in Mexico. I felt alot of respect and sympathy for all the dying and the mourners and i will remember the individuals.