JWD: Gang War in Milan (1973)

Trouble with Iphone five or what ever the fuck i got, trouble with spotify, trouble with (fuck off) mcfee!! Fuck leave me alone, i got the fucking Bullgard and i never asked for your fuckin’ mcfee, fuck the fuck off!!! Drinking my last beer and listening to Necro…fuck it!!

Just been slurping beers and watching a highly enjoyable euro-crime flick about corruption and gangster mentality (why the fuck can i not shuffle-play on my fuckin’ laptop).

Gang-war between the Sicilians and the cold fucking French (the badgyes), over prostitution. Good story, damn good characters, sleazy urban locations. Bro’, im just a little pissed, i just cant’ settle with this kinda shit going on, you know im fucked up right!? Just a fine euro-crime flick going on! Gangster shit!! Umberto Lenzi+euro crime+beers=drunkeness.