JWD: Brothers in Blood (1987)

A macaroni-Nam flick i ended up ejoying a whole fucking lot!

And here i am having my last beers, listening to Colony 5 and thinking about a very pretty polish girl and shit. Wish her the best! And Colony 5 fucking rules mother fucka’!!

It’s a macaroni-nam flick that must have been really fucking low-budget, cos’ it’s kinda looks like a shot-on-video gem you know.

A team of dysfunctional nam-vets, gather one last time to pick up a buddy they left behind over ten years ago or somthing. And they thought he whold be greatful… All i can think about is that pretty polish girl and i have one can of beer left, my hart’s fucking hurts dude. SHIT, i am one sick dude! It’s damn really fucking cool movie!! It stars the swedish-born american actor, Bo Svenson, whom i like to look at as the pre-Dolph Lundgren badass!