JWD: Angel Town (1990)

A vigilantic-kickboxer flick! Im listening to Necro and finnishing of my last beers, i might just switch over to some early Mobb Deep.

A french dude (a secret five times kickboxer champion), apparently a student for some reason, ends up in a renting targeted house in the latino-slums. The mom in the house is hot-i’v seen in her in many older movies from the 80’s and 90’s. She has alot of clothes on, she’s a respectable lady, a widow, but i think she’s very shaggable!..even with the high hair…be mine!! Our dude ends up being a protector for the widow and her teenage son, that the neighbourhood terrorists tries to force to join up with their gang. ‘Angel Town’ is quite similar and reminded me of the underground movie; ‘Psycho Kickboxer’-sort of, kinda, slightly the same plot. It’s a cool and hard boild action movie, what more do you want from me tonight?? Oh, yes; VHS baby!!