JWD: A Place in Hell (1969)

Another macaroni-night, and why fucking call it macaroni in the first place? Got quite wasted this evening, and i got stuff i gotta’ do in the morning, so at least im not gonna go grab another beer_i’v had enough you know!

The Japanese have invaded a Filipinian island_where a group of Americans, one English officer and a few of the island natives must stand togheter to fight back at the disiplined Japanese, who’s just like the Americans-just really wanna go home to their families. I started to sympathize with the Japs as well you know; because the one general or was it a commander, enjoyes a god damn mother fuckin’ beer while discussing what most be done to beat the enemy, with the troop’s scientist and fellow country man. And why bring that grogeous blond into this inferno? I even had to pause the flick to jerk off to get her out of the system_she looked so damn good_ every guy whould have just wanted to eat her up. And the flick even has a young Fabio Testi in it, now that’s fucking cool!! A very cool macaroni flick it turned out to be. Most of them are.